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Puppy Potty Training Tips For Cold Weather

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Cold Weather Potty Training | Posh Puppies Indiana

Who wants to go out in this weather? Snow ice and chilly temperatures make it difficult to want to be outside. I am certain that our pets think the same thing that we do! “The house is cozy and warm and boy oh boy I do not want to go out there” The reality of this thought isn’t practical, after all our fur babies still need to do their business and we as people still have to go outside regardless of the weather.

We understand how challenging this can be and wanted to offer a few tips!

If you are potty training outside I would start by creating (Shoveling) a clear defined spot near the door. This makes it easier for your dog or puppy to know where you want them to potty and will also help encourage them to use this spot!

Separate Playtime and potty time.

Use the cleared potty spot for potty training purposes only! Frequent quick potty breaks at “the spot” will reinforce your training as well as help to acclimate them to the outdoors.

Make a point to go outside when it is warmer and sunnier. Any time there is a break in the weather, use the opportunity to work with your puppy outside on pottying, applying whatever reward method to encourage them.

Artificial grass patches or potty pads.

To use or not to use ? That certainly is the question. These methods are really a matter of personal preference. They are an excellent tool to use during the potty training transition especially in the winter months. Both of these methods come in handy when it’s too cold outside as well as if you are gone for extended periods of time and need a place for your puppy or dog to go potty.

We hope this posts helps you out with your puppy/dog/furever family member!


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