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Fun Facts About Your Four-Legged Friends

A dog as a member of your family guarantees that your home will be filled with fun, excitement and unconditional love. And no matter if your pooch is an adult, adolescent or puppy, he (or she) always needs and wants toys, food and a variety of gear.

We love dogs as much as you do, and we give our furry friends all of the love, respect and patience that they deserve. Here are some facts about man’s best friend that are sure to interest—and may even paw-sitively surprise—you.

  • An adult dog has 42 teeth.

  • Approximately 1 in 3 families in the United States owns a dog.

  • Spaying or neutering your pooch can help prevent certain types of cancer. It’s also crucial in the continuing battle against millions of shelter or otherwise unwanted dogs being euthanized every year.

  • A dog’s hearing is 10 times more accurate than a human’s.

  • The average dog can run up to 19 mph at full speed.

  • The Bible mentions dogs 14 times.

  • A dog’s average body temperature is 101.2.

  • Dogs are omnivores; they need to eat more than just meat.

  • They have twice as many ear muscles as humans.

  • People have been keeping canine companions for 12,000 years.

  • Dogs aren’t color blind; they do see color but just not as vividly as a person.

  • Obesity is their No. 1 health problem.

  • Seventy percent of people add their pet’s “signature” on greeting and holiday cards.

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