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What puppy breed is right for your family? Choosing the right puppies for sale in indiana.

When considering what breed of puppy you are wanting to add to your family you need to think about your wants and needs as well as your lifestyle! Choosing a new forever friend is an important process! By researching the breeds and consulting with one of our puppy specialist we can help match you with your perfect puppies for sale here at Posh Puppies Indiana! Things to consider while decided on a breed vary greatly from the amount of exercise they need their trainability all the way to the amount of health care that they need. Here are a list of questions that you should think about prior to choosing the breed you are wanting to bring into your family.

  1. Does this breed shed? - This question is important because some families deal with allergies and choosing a non shedding breed may be the right answer for your family!

  2. Does this breed bark a lot? - Some breeds are more vocal than others and not every puppy is the same, they each have their own personalities! A lot of this has to do with training and setting expectations for your puppy.

  3. Trainability ease? - All animals are smarter than some give them credit for. Its amazing what you can train a puppy to do! That being said some breeds learn at quicker rate than others too!

  4. Activity level? - Different breeds of dogs have different activity levels! Some of them require a substantial amount of exercise while others are quite the couch potato.

  5. Grooming needs? - Depending on the breed you are considering and how you plan to keep their coat, the grooming needs are widely varied.

  6. Common Medical Issues? - Some breeds are prone to medical issues throughout their life its important to do your research on the breeds you are considering so you can make an educated decision on what breed is right for you.

Call or text us today 574-377-6362 about the potential puppy you are looking to adopt! We would be happy to guide you or answer any questions you may have about your potential new family member!

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