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A Primer for Newbie Puppy Parents 

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

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Welcoming a puppy into your home is fun and exciting. These little bundles of fur brim with unconditional love for their human families. “Furbabies” bring a fresh vibe and new energy to your home. And just as with human infants, they require a lot of love, tenderness and patience. Here are a few tips for those of you who are first-time moms and dads to a puppy that you got from, of course, Posh Puppies Indiana.

Get a puppy playpen, crate or kennel before your puppy arrives. Buy one that’s big enough to let him just stand up and turn around in. A larger one might make him think it’s OK for him to pee or poop in it and still be in it. If you must leave him there for a good part of the day because no one will be home to let him out to eliminate elsewhere, we would definitely recommend a puppy playpen! You can set up a dog bed, puppy pads, puppy food and water dish and toys so they are comfortable!

Everyone is adjusting. It’s not a snap for you to learn to live with a puppy and all of the related responsibilities, and your puppy is now living with strangers in an unfamiliar environment.

Your puppy is full of energy and curiosity, which is why it’s imperative to not let him (or her) wander throughout your home. Dangers (stairs, high foot-traffic areas, doors that open to the outside,) are everywhere, so a pet gate that keeps him in a safe area is imperative.

Once your new puppy has had a chance to get adjusted to being in a new home (2-3 weeks) you you can move from free feeding your puppy to establishing a daily routine for your puppy’s times for feeding, eliminating and sleeping. Being able to follow it every day will make it easier to properly train your new pooch as he gets older.

Be a player. Frequent and entertaining interactions with him and his humans are great bonding experiences. The contact can start with gentle belly rubbing, playing fetch and helping him gnaw on his chew toys.

And speaking of sharp little teeth, remove anything that’s no higher than two feet off the ground. A puppy—bless his tiny heart—has no shame, conscience or good judgment when it comes to the things he will choose to play with.

These basic suggestions will ensure that you and your canine companion will live happily ever after for a long time. To contact Brian and Ashlee about acquiring a beautiful puppy from them, call 574-377-6362. And follow Posh Puppies Indiana on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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