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Jackson is a charismatic and spirited companion. With his vibrant red coat and expressive eyes, he turns heads wherever he goes. Jackson is a bundle of energy, always ready for an adventure or a game of chase in the backyard. His playful and mischievous nature brings laughter and excitement to every interaction. Despite his spirited personality, Jackson is incredibly affectionate and loves nothing more than curling up in his owner's lap for some quality cuddle time. He is known for his intelligence and eagerness to please, making him a quick learner and a joy to train. Jackson is the perfect addition to any family, guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter to their lives.


****Currently Eating Dr. Gary's Best Breed ****Private Nanny available for delivery inquire for quote****Cockapoo Mom is cream & merle and weighs 18 lbs. Poodle Dad is OFA heart, patella, certified genetic breed panel health testing done, is black & tan weighs 10 lbs ****F1B*****


We believe that our babies deserve VIP (Very Important Puppy) travel to their new fur-ever homes!  We do not ship our puppies' cargo and do not use 3rd party shippers.  This ensures that your new baby will arrive safe and sound from our home to yours!

Option 1 - You can fly into one of our local airports and our nanny can meet you at arrivals! Option 2 - Our nanny can fly in and meet you at YOUR closest international airport! Option 3 - Home delivery is custom-tailored depending on your location! Option 4- You can pick up your puppy at our home!  


The Cockapoo is a mixed breed, achieved by crossing a Cocker Spaniel with a Poodle. This breed is one of the older “designer” breeds, dating back to the 1960s. Cockapoos are completely people-oriented, compassionate, and intelligent, and make excellent pets for families with children. These adorable dogs tend to be small in size, but have huge personalities! Cockapoos are intelligent and excel at many things, including agility and therapy.

Jackson- F1B Cockapoo- Boy

SKU: RL956000016071814SBM10
  • Health Record

    Our Puppies come current on their age appropriate vaccinations and deworming!


    We offer a one year health guarantee with all of our puppies 

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