Fire Fox - AKC - Toy Poodle -Boy

Fire Fox - AKC - Toy Poodle -Boy

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Stop right there! You have found your new baby boy. Fire Fox is as adorable as a puppy can be. He will be sure to shower you with his puppy love kisses every morning just to let you know how much you mean to him. Fire Fox will be sure to come home to you happy, healthy, and ready to play. He will be up to date on his puppy vaccinations and microchipped, just in time to come to his new home. Don’t miss out on the newest addition to your family.  Fire Fox is a healthy happy boy he is still growing and developing and does have luxating patellas. Small breed puppies are known for luxating patellas and typically will tighten or outgrow with age! He will be sure to steal your heart away!


Did you know that poodles come in 3 sizes (Standard Miniature and Toy) Poodles are extremely intelligent and easily trained dogs, and are fun to be around. They are often used in service and therapy work because of their devoted and pleasant personalities.  They are fairly active; they enjoy swimming, running, and retrieving. Although nobody can make guarantees about allergies, Poodles are frequently known as hypoallergenic because they have human-like hair instead of fur.

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    Our Puppies come current on their age appropriate vaccinations and deworming!


    We offer a one year health guarantee with all of our puppies