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Chaquita is an enchanting black and tan Chihuahua with a touch of elegance and grace. Her glossy coat is a striking combination of deep black and rich tan, creating a beautiful contrast that highlights her petite and delicate features. Chaquita's sweet and gentle disposition makes her an absolute joy to be around. She possesses a curious nature, always eager to explore her surroundings and make new discoveries. Despite her small size, Chaquita is filled with boundless love and loyalty for her human family. With her endearing personality and captivating beauty, Chaquita is an adored and cherished companion who brings warmth and happiness to those lucky enough to call her their own.


****Currently eating Dr. Gary's best breed****Private Nanny available for delivery inquire for quote****Mom cream, 9 lbs. Dad Merle, 5lbs.


Chihuahuas are best known for their teeny size, big round eyes, and propensity to shiver and shake. But there are lots of other interesting Chihuahua facts about this toy dog breed, from their history to their popularity as a celebrity companion.

Chaquita -Tiny Chihuahua -Girl

SKU: 956000014837615PB04
  • Health Record

    Our Puppies come current on their age appropriate vaccinations and deworming!


    We offer a one year health guarantee with all of our puppies 

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