Amora - Pomapoo -  Girl - Ready to go home 01/07/2022

Amora - Pomapoo - Girl - Ready to go home 01/07/2022

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This one-of-a-kind puppy is Amora. Isn't she just gorgeous? She is the best friend you have been searching for. Amora cannot wait to join her new family. She is happy, healthy, and ready to go. Amora will arrive with up-to-date vaccinations, microchipped, dewormed, and prespoiled! She is ready to share many lifelong experiences with you and hopes you're just as anxious to meet her as she is to meet you. Don't miss out!


****Currently Eating Royal Canin****Private Nanny available for delivery inquire for quote****Mom weighs 10 lbs, dad weighs 6 lbs****


The feisty offspring of a Pomeranian and a Miniature Poodle, the Pomapoo is a diminutive pup with a larger-than-life personality. Adorable, adaptable, and affectionate, the Pomapoo is an affable canine that is too sweet not to love. Like the Pomeranian, Pomapoo love everyone, but are likely to choose a single person to latch on to. Pomapoos are always adorable, intelligent, and eager to please. Like the Poodle and the Pomeranian, Pomapoos are unwavering in their loyalty to their family and tend to shadow their owners around the house. Pomapoos do not need much exercise and are easy enough to keep groomed, though housebreaking is often a challenge. Pomapoos are smart, easily trainable, and make terrific watchdogs, but they also tend to bark.  As a crossbreed, Pomapoos come in many varieties, but all share a great affinity for their owners and an eagerness to love and be loved. Versatile, compact and delightfully intelligent, Pomapoos are the perfect city-dwelling companion and well-suited to apartment living. If you’re in the market for a fearless, mischievous, and adorable little lapdog, you won't find a better companion than a Pomapoos.

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