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There are so many questions that arise when purchasing your new forever family member! We hope to cover some of them here on this page! Of course, there will be specific questions that we are more than happy to answer!

1.)   Will you hold a puppy without a deposit?

No, we do not hold a puppy without a deposit. 

2.) Why do I need to place a deposit?

We do not hold a puppy without a deposit. Once you place a deposit the puppy is reserved specifically for your family! We will not sell your puppy or take a deposit on your puppy once we have received your deposit. 

3.) How long does a deposit hold our new puppy?

Your deposit holds your new puppy for 7-10 days until you can pick up your baby! 

4.) Is the deposit refundable?

No, your deposit is not refundable. This is because we will mark your puppy reserved and will not offer your puppy to another family. The point of a deposit is to secure the puppy for your family. We view this deposit as a commitment that you are purchasing your puppy.

5.) Does the deposit count towards the purchase price of my new puppy?

Yes! The deposit amount comes off the purchase price of your puppy! When you pick up or Receive your new baby the balance will be due.


6.) Are your puppies registered?

We do offer some of our puppies with registration. If they are registered it will be clearly stated next to their name!


7.) If the purebred puppy we are looking at is not registered is it purebred?

Unregistered does not mean that a purebred puppy is not purebred.  Some of our purebred puppies are placed without registration as pets. Our primary concern is that each of our babies have amazing forever homes! We place our puppies with and without registration.  

8.) When will I receive my puppies registration?

If your puppy is registered you will receive your registration paperwork within 2-4 weeks after purchase. 

We have a registration clerk that handles all of our paperwork. This helps to ensure there are no errors in our record- keeping as well as your family receiving the correct registration for your new puppy! 

9.) Can you guarantee the size of a puppy?

No, We cannot guarantee the size of a puppy. Much like little humans, it's difficult to predict height and weight. There are many factors that play into that! 

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