When talking about pet food, it is important to understand the difference between ingredients and nutrients. Ingredients are the raw materials in a diet that are vehicles to deliver nutrients. High-quality ingredients such as poultry, meat, rice, and fish oil are absorbed by your cat or dog. Nutrients are absorbed and used by your body. Essential nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, and fatty acids cannot be made by your pet’s body and must be provided by their diet. ROYAL CANIN® was founded in 1967 by a veterinarian who believed that nutrition should be the first step in creating a healthy cat or dog. That is why our research team spend years researching and testing every ingredient to make sure they provide the most precise and effective nutrition for cats and dogs based on breed, size, age, gender, digestion, and various health issues. This is why we, as a professional dog breeder recommend that all of our posh puppies for sale are continued on this diet.

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