One Year  Health Guarantee


All of our puppies will come microchipped and have their first 3 sets of puppy shots and deworming already completed!

Section # 1 

A $350.00 deposit will reserve a puppy for the buyer until the puppy is ready to be picked up or delivered by the seller.  Deposits are Non Refundable.  The puppy must be paid for in full before the buyer can take possession. Buyer will have 7 days to get their new puppy checked by their veterinarian. If there are any congenital defects found at the initial vet check (within 7 days of purchase) seller must be notified immediately and in turn will offer a replacement puppy or a full refund once the said puppy is returned.  Seller guarantees the puppy against fatal viruses for 7 days. These include distemper, parvo and corona. It does NOT include giardia, coccidia and kennel cough which are caused by bacteria and are not life threatening. There are no refunds once the puppy has been purchased and passes their initial vet check (within 7 days of purchase), full or partial.  Every effort has been made by the seller to assure that the puppy is healthy when it is delivered to the buyer, unless buyer has been notified otherwise and agrees to take shipment.  The buyer also affirms and acknowledges that they have diligently researched this breed and that they understand all responsibilities that accompany owning a puppy.  These responsibilities include but are not limited to required vaccinations and worming as recommended by a veterinarian.  Your puppy’s vaccination record is included.  We do not cover Demodex, thyroid disorder, colds, hypoglycemia, open fontanel, undescended testicles, uneven bites, hernias, cherry eye, entropian, loose hips/patella’s, fleas, worms or any other minor illness. The buyer is responsible for all medical expenses incurred from the date of purchase.  The buyer is responsible for expenses to and from the Seller for a replacement puppy should that need to happen. Seller assumes no responsibility for this animal after leaving the premises for any medical expense, death, allergies, training difficulties, behavior problems or any other reason. 


The puppy will be guaranteed for 1 Year against any non-treatable life threatening genetics defects.  If the puppy is found to have a non-treatable life-threatening defect, a complete report from the buyer’s veterinarian must be emailed to the seller within 48 hours after the determination.  If the puppy dies within this 12-month period, the buyer will pay for a necropsy to ascertain the reason for death.  The Seller reserves the right to have these results evaluated by a veterinarian of our choosing.  If our veterinarian determines the cause to be genetic, the seller will replace the puppy with one of the same value, to be determined by the seller.  A replacement puppy may not be available immediately. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  The buyer will wait until a puppy from a future litter is available.  The buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses to and from the seller on a replacement puppy.  If the puppy shows signs of neglect or abuse, this contract is considered null and void. A puppy with a defect must be returned or euthanized with prior permission of the seller to qualify for a replacement puppy. If they puppy is euthanized without the sellers permission, this guarantee will be null and void and no replacement puppy will be given. 


Buyer acknowledges that they are purchasing a pet and that the seller cannot guarantee the size, weight, conformation temperament lineage or breeding ability. Should the buyer’s situation change so that he\she can no longer care for his dog, he\she must notify the breeder immediately.  The breeder will take the dog back or assist in finding a suitable home for it.  The buyer guarantees that AT NO TIME will this puppy be surrendered to a shelter or humane society or any rescue organization.  The breeder will always assist in placing this dog.  If a puppy is returned for any reason not covered in this guarantee, no compensation of any kind will be returned to the buyer.


Purchaser agrees if purchasing our puppy with credit/debit/PayPal venmo etc. that they will not dispute their purchase thru their banking institution. This will be treated as fraud. 


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